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Your algorithm audited.
By experts.


What we do

Our experts provide quality audits of your algorithms, both in the production as well as in the deployment phase. We evaluate your algorithms in terms of their performance and efficiency, but also their resilience to external shocks, and compliance with fairness and interpretability regulations.


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Our Services


& accuracy


Bright Box assess both model performance and optimal deployment, by evaluating an algorithms underlying model rationale and operationalization.


External validity
& robustness

Bright Box checks algorithm robustness to external shocks and operational validity to natural drift, including natural development of underlying mechanisms.


Bright Box ensures compliance with explainability regulations and interpretability of algorithmic decision-making by non-experts and external auditors.

& Interpretablilty



Who we are

Bright Box is a data science and AI company based in Amsterdam. Our team consists of data science experts with backgrounds in econometrics, statistics, and artificial intelligence with both professional and academic experience working at the frontier of data science.

Combining expertise in algorithmic design and deployment with deep understanding of statistics and causal inference, we possess the complete skillset for the successful implementation of algorithmic decision-making.

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